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Challenge Accepted – Reader Submission for Weekly Challenge #24 – Pumpkin Patch Necklace – Tatted by Natalie Rogers.

Pumpkin Patch Necklace Pattern

Pumpkin Earrings designed by Nicole (a.k.a. Penolopy Bulnick) and tatted by Natalie Rogers. *tail tucking, earring wire, and matching pumpkin to come after my cold goes away and I can focus again.

Pumpkin Patch Earrings Pattern

Pretty Tatted Kitty designed by Nancy Tracy. Tatted by Natalie Rogers. Perle Iris thread size 8 color 5020.

Pretty Tatted Kitty Pattern


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Happy Tatting!


img_5469“A Flurry of Flakes” registration for the Shuttlebirds Annual Workshop is open until March 27th with the deadline for a scholarship fast approaching March 1st. Many classes are full so check out the webpage at http://www.shuttlebirds.com/workshop2017.shtml

As you can see by my 3D snowflake, which I’m making for the snowflake contest, I may need to do a bit of stiffening on it!!

Contest details can be found at http://www.shuttlebirds.com/2017workshop/2017-Theme-Contest.pdf

Happy Tatting 🙂

Spring fever???

As I sit here with melting snow and slushy roads, I dream of being at the 21st Annual Shuttlebirds “A Flurry of Flakes” tatting workshop on May 4-7, 2017. Just look at those pictures — gorgeous! This year we will be at the Ross Point Camp in Post Falls, Idaho. There is lodging available with motel-style rooms and RV sites. There are large gathering rooms for vendors and nonclass time along with plenty of recreational activities for our nontatting guests. Hurray as classes are filling up fast!

For more information, please see http://www.shuttlebirds.com/workshop2017.shtml





img_5328Did you get signed up for the Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild’s annual 21st workshop May 4-7? Hurry as classes are filling up fast! As part of the workshop, there is a theme contest. Yep, you guessed it, its called “A Flurry of Flakes.” The categories are:

  1. Mini – up to 1″ in diameter.
  2. Medium – 1-3″ in diameter.
  3. Large – over 3″ in diameter.
  4. Three-dimensional.

In addition, there are the classes of:

  1. Original design.
  2. Published design.
  3. Beaded design.

There is a limit of one entry per person, per category, per class — a limit of 12 total. So you could make a mini snowflake in an original design, a published design, and a beaded design. For more details, please see http://shuttlebirds.com/2017workshop/2017-Theme-Contest.pdf

Let your creativity flow…….like snowflakes falling to the ground.




Funds a little tight?


Feeling snowbound, wishing for spring? Yearning to go to the Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild’s May 4-7 workshop “A Flurry of Flakes” but funds tight? Apply for a scholarship. Funds are available for your use…don’t hesitate to apply. Deadline is March 1st for applications. Hurray, it will give you hope for spring! Come check out our new meeting site this year. Click here for details http://www.shuttlebirds.com/2017workshop/STG-Scholarship-form.pdf

(Photograph compliments of STG member Laura Ast).

natalie Natalie is Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild past president and will be teaching Turkish Tatting at our workshop May 4-7, 2017. Hurry and sign up for classes as they are filling up fast.

Natalie descries herself as “I was introduced to tatting in August 2012 by Donna Barnes. I have enjoyed crafts my whole life and was quick to pick up on the basics of tatting. I started teaching friends and family how to tat within a few months of picking up my first shuttle, because the easiest way for me to know I’ve learned a new skill is to teach it. When I first started, I kept pace at around one new motif a week. My pace has slowed down, but I still love the challenge of learning a new technique. My first designs happened by accident as variations on patterns I was completing. Since those first few happy accidents, I have enjoyed purposefully designing many tatted pieces. I actively participate in Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild demonstrations. It is a delight introducing others to the art of tatting. I have had the honor of teaching at the 2014, 2015, and 2016 workshops.  When I’m not tatting, I teach at Bryant (Adv. Web Design, Computer Apps and Coding, Math 8, Geometry, Math Lab, FLL STEM Robotics 101, Invent Washington, and Advisory), play my guitar and sing in a geeky band called InFILKtion, make costumes, crochet, and enjoy a weekly gaming group. I have an amazing husband, Bevan, who supports my career and hobbies, and two adorable cats, Klaus and Kunoichi. I look forward to sharing my new patterns with you and hope to see you in one of my classes! Happy tatting!

Natalie will be teaching Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel.  Teacher:  Natalie Rogers

and Turkish Flower

Turkish Flower.  Teacher:  Natalie Rogers

For more information: http://www.shuttlebirds.com/workshop2017.shtml

mary-annaAll I can say is “WOW” when I read of Mary Anna’s tatting experience. She describes herself as “A resident of Springfield, OH, Mary Anna has been tatting since age 19. She completed her Tatting Teacher’s Certification with the Great Lakes Lace Group in Michigan, and is the author of “The Tatting Stones”. She is an active member of three tatting guilds and the International Organization of Lace, Inc. (IOLI). She enjoys learning new techniques and revisiting old ones. Mary Anna has demonstrated her art at The Fair at New Boston, in Springfield, OH, and many other heritage fairs and festivals in her area. She has taught classes and workshops in Montana, Virginia and Ohio and loves to attend tatting conferences whenever she is able. She holds basic shuttle and needle tatting classes regularly, and most recently taught an eleven year old the craft. Mary Anna can be found most Fridays at The Crafter’s Lodge, sitting in a comfortable chair waiting on new students and…tatting.”

Snowflake Gardner Angel.  Teacher:  Mary Anna RobinsonGenesis of a Snow Crystal 2.  Teacher:  Mary Anna RobinsonHarbinger of Snow.  Teacher:  Mary Anna RobinsonHere we have the Snowflake Gardner Angel, Snow Crystal 2, and Harbinger of Snow. (The Snow Crystals seem to be the rage on Facebook these days).


For more information, please see http://www.shuttlebirds.com/workshop2017.shtml

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