Words from the Knot House

I had so much fun with my last pattern off of Pinterest – that I decided to do another.  This pattern comes from an Italian blog – so I have no idea what the blog post says.  Luckily for me, the tatting pattern was a diagram.  It is the forth image down on this blog post: http://puntoypunto.myblog.it/archive/2012/04/25/schemi-a-chiacchierino.html


I was curious as to how long a tatted piece of this size (it’s roughly two inches wide by an inch and a half tall) would takes me.  This pattern was new to me and it took about 2.5 hours (this included having the thread break halfway through round one which meant starting over, having to pull out a hand full of stitches when I missed a join, and tucking tails).  Probably not fast by an experienced tatter’s standards, but I felt like I had a pretty good pace.  The butterfly turned out cute.  I think I may consider tatting the antennae around wires next time to prevent the drooping caused by the beads.  This is a pattern I will do again.

– Natalie

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