Words from the Knot House

I’ve been keeping busy in my tatting.

The week before Easter my cousins were up for their Spring Break.  I had a blast with the three boys – lightsaber fights in the backyard and Nerf gun wars in the basement.  My cousin Emma (the youngest and only girl in the lot the came to visit) loved the look of my tatted things, and probably would have taken home my entire completed stash if I had let her.  Instead, I tatted up a bracelet for her.  It’s the accidental heart on a split ring chain.  She loved it.

Little girl wrists are tiny!

Heart on a string.

I really like how the two variegated colors worked with each other!

 Then it was on to birthday time.  Last weekend I had two birthdays to attend.  A sweet wonderful nine year old (for whom the following bracelet is made). And my Evil Twin (it’s a camp thing) for whom I made a heart necklace.

Butterfly bracelet.

Again, little girls have tiny wrists.

 Then it is onto angels and the Shuttlebirds Workshop which is coming up, April 19-20.  The theme for this year’s workshop is Angels Among Us.  This will be my first workshop and I am super excited!


My contribution to a guild project.

An angel for the themed contest.  This little cutie is my own design.

The themed contest is open to all tatters, not just workshop attendees.  So if you have an angel you would like to submit – check out the official rules here. [You’ll want to act quickly as the mail-in date for entries is fast approaching.  My apologies for not getting this post up earlier.]

 I’d love to hear what you think of my angel.  Happy tatting!

– Natalie

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