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Thank You for 1000+ Views!

So the math nerd in me loves the stats page. If you can picture how excited a little kid gets when they hear the ice cream truck on a hot summer day – then you can picture how excited I was to see that this blog passed 1000 views on Wednesday.

We have readers from all over the world!  To each of you, I say thank you! (If I left out your country, please let me know in the comments and I will add it in! I’m sorry if I missed it.)

Australia    Cheers mate!
Belgium    Dankje! Merci! Danke!
Bulgaria    благодаря!
Canada    Merci! Thank you!
Chile    Gracias!
Czech Republic    DEvKUJI VAM!
Denmark    Tak!
Finland    Kiitos!
France    Merci!
Germany    Danke!
Hong Kong    M goi saa!
Hungary    Köszönöm
Iceland    Takk!
India    Dhanyavaad!
Israel    Toda!
Italy    Grazie!
Japan    ありがとう! Arigatō!
Jordan    Shukran!
Latvia    Paldies!
Malaysia    Terima Kasih!
Mauritius    Merci! Thank you!
Mexico    Gracias!
Netherlands    Dank u!
Norway    Takk!
Poland    Dziekuje!
Portugal    Obrigado!
Republic of Korea    Kamsa-ham-nee-da!
Romania    Mersi!
Russian Federation    Spa`sibo!
Serbia    Hvala Vam!
Singapore    Thank you!
South Africa    Thank you!
Spain    Gracias!
Sweden    Tack!
Switzerland    Merci vilmal!
Thailand    Korp khun!
Trinidad and Tobago    Thank you!
Turkey    Teşekkür ederim!
United Kingdom    Thank you!
United States    Thank you!
Viet Nam    Cám ơn!

Meeting Reminder

Tomorrow is the June Shuttlebirds Guild Meeting.

When: Saturday, June 1st from noon to 3 pm

Where: Lidgerwood Presbyterian Church (4449 N Nevada St)

Program:  Heather R. has cancelled her Photographing Tatting class. Instead we will be working on Gina Butler’s “Bride’s Garter” suggested by Jeri C.

The pattern can be found here: http://ginabea.com/

Click on tatting patterns and then Wedding Garter. The pattern can be adapted to make a bracelet or bookmark. Please print and bring your copy for class. A limited number will be provided.

We hope to see you there!

Hairpin Lace and Tatted Bracelet

Hairpin lace is the newest skill I’ve learned.  I played around with it and a bit of tatting and came up with this bracelet that I made for my Mum-in-law.  What do you think?

Hairpin lace and tatted bracelet.

Hairpin lace and tatted bracelet.

Hairpin lace and tatted bracelet.

Hairpin lace and tatted bracelet.

Hairpin lace and tatted bracelet.

Hairpin lace and tatted bracelet.

Happy tatting!

~ Natalie

Comments on: "Thank you for 1000+ Views, Meeting Reminder, and Hairpin Lace" (2)

  1. Michele said:

    Very pretty and delicate.

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