Words from the Knot House

Last weekend, I had the privilege of demonstrating tatting at the Historic Skills Fair. It was a nice relaxing day of tatting, teaching, and chatting. In fact, it was such a relaxed atmosphere that I forgot to take any photos until the event was over.

The mission overlooks a marvelous view and I had just found a setting on my phone’s camera that I didn’t know it had. So I managed to snap a few pictures of the view and none of the actual fair.

Luckily, one of the park staff managed to snap a couple photos at our booth. She took a shot of Jan’s tatting display, the baby booties I am working on, and Patti’s hands demonstrating a reverse half-hitch knot.

You can see  the other photos taken of the skill fair on the Coeur d’Alenes Old Mission State Park Facebook page. If you are local, you should add attending next year’s Historic Skills Fair to your calendar (it should be the weekend of the 2nd Sunday of July).

We were between a group of spinners and a gentleman with an interactive tutorial on how to prepare a musket cartridge.

There were many things to experience at the Historic Skills Fair. A gun shot sounded off the hour on Saturday. I wasn’t able to make Sunday, but I’m told that’s when they shot off the cannon on the hour.

There was a young lad demonstrating how to use flint and steel to start a fire. He was really good at it too (tended to take him two minutes or less for each fire he demonstrated).

There was a group of demonstrators explaining the various tools and techniques used to make the Cataldo Mission. I was informed that there were no metal nails used in the construction. They used a joining method with large wooden dowel pieces for nails. The restoration that has been done to the buildings is wonderful. It is a very peaceful place inside the church.

The fair also featured mountain men, several handmade craft vendors, and the Lion’s Club selling food. There was also a spot where you could learn how to make a rag rug.

My favorite booth (aside from our tatting one) was the blacksmith. He had set up a portable forge. The fire was memorizing (I could have easily watched it all day) and I’ve always wanted to learn more about the process. This is one craft I still would like to try my hand at.

Then Sunday was my 6th year wedding anniversary. The only reason I’m including this is because my awesome hubby got me a beautiful handmade shuttle and tatting supplies as my anniversary gift.

Comments on: "Historic Skills Fair 2013 – Cataldo Mission" (1)

  1. Sounds like a great place to visit during the fair. Too bad I’m a bit far away.
    Congratulations on your anniversary! And for the wonderful husband to get you such wonderful gifts 🙂

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