Words from the Knot House

For some reason, in the middle of June, I lost my tatting Mojo. Nothing I could do worked out right. I spent more time “retro” tatting then making proper stitches. I won’t even bother with the photos cause it would make you cry and tatters should never cry. The few projects that seem to be working out, I lost. Somewhere there are 3 tatting bags crying out for their mommy.
I tried all the tricks. I bought a new shuttle. I have come to believe it is cursed. I don’t even know if it would be proper to gift it off to someone else. I bought a pattern I had been coveting. It was so poorly written it is criminal. Usually that doesn’t stop me but with my then tatt-addled brain it was like trying to teach a monkey to deal Texas hold-em; your gonna get cards on the table but it ain’t gonna be pretty.
I bought new thread. Most of it is still sitting in its glossy plastic bags, mocking me.
I made one final push on my birthday. I wanted to make a motif in red and black. It was going to be the breakthrough. Oh, how the tatting Gods laugh at my arrogance. The pattern will never be completed. The piece is ugly. It is in a baggy, wrapped in its pattern at the bottom of a drunk drawer I never plan on cleaning out. It is one of those things my heirs will find and have a great time trying to figure out why the faded piece of paper is covered in several layers of words that would make a sailor blush with shame.
Rather than push on, I decided I needed a one month to reboot. I organized my tatting supplies but it went no farther. I did some crochet. I played with some beads. I even cleaned parts of my house (ok, cleaned at it). I spent a week making myself a purse that is actually big enough to hold the stuff I want. Which led me back to tatting.
Once I was finished with my purse, I started looking at ideas for tatting bags. I worked on all sorts of shapes, sizes and colors. The one I am going to use for our guild meeting this weekend is below. When closed, the only thing that doesn’t fit is the full size crochet hooks. That’s ok, because by this time tomorrow, those hooks are going to be allot shorter.
I think I am going to try out Natalie’s Wednesday challenge tomorrow. May the tatting gods be kind.




Comments on: "What a month it has been…." (4)

  1. I had a similar problem. I kept telling myself I had to tat…I didn’t like it I guess because tatting didn’t get done.apparently I cannot tat under pressure. So I just waited until my hands were itching for a shuttle…then that’s all they got. A shuttle. Then they wanted to feel thread around them…so then mindless tatting…letting my fingers go where they wanted. Now I am back into tatting.

    • Fingers are itching but they are still not firmly connected to my brain. I am going to work the Wednesday challenge-tat-it-and-see. It is just a little each day and if I have to do it a few times well…….

  2. We have all lost our tatting Mojo at one time or another… I found that it is just over-tatting…. Although I swear that there is no such thing. Thank you for sharing your struggle


    Lynda Klymko

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