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Owie Wowie

We have all done it, jammed the nail, pulled something the wrong way, and started a tear in our nail down below the edge of the nail bed. I use my nails as tweezers so I get this more than I should. I have found that a partially torn nail will catch a thread every time I start to tat. Usually, not that big of deal. Usually, I just cut off that part of the nail and go along my merry way. But what about when it is too deep? No one wants to rip that off, and we sure don’t want to stop tatting. What’s a girl to do?
Years ago in beauty school (stop your laughing, I was good) my instructor showed us a great tip. This isn’t a permanent fix, but it will hold the nail together a few extra days so it can grow out. Mine lasts about 2 days but I also loose fake nails within a week so your milage may vary.
You are going to need:
Alcohol or nail polish remover
Runny superglue
Piece of napkin or tissue or even thin fabric

Clean your nail real good. DO NOT do this if there is any chance there is an infection or foreign material under the nail. If you have a nail file you can rough up the surface of the nail a little to help the patch stick. Now wipe the nail with the alcohol or polish remover and let dry.
Cut a small piece of the tissue (I used a large piece in the pic so it is obvious) and place it over the tear in your nail. Cover the tissue with a few drops of glue. It does not take much, and will spread as the tissue absorbs it. The tissue should remain flat. If it starts to curl, quickly press it down. Once the glue gets tacky it will stick. If it gets on you, gentle clean up with alcohol and cotton balls.
That’s it. Patch can be removed with non-acetone nail polish remover after the nail grows our or anytime you need to change it.
WARNING: if you start to feel pain, or swelling, or anything wrong, TAKE THE PATCH OFF! I have done this countless times without problems but better safe than sorry.

Hope this helps you keep tatting




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