Words from the Knot House

TIAS Day Two

Welcome to Day Two of the TAIS

I am enjoying this TIAS. I got the the great fun of doing the first part twice. I went to work the first ring on the second day and my thread started unraveling.
Anyways, I am hoping it is a pony and this is the seat part of the saddle.
Here is my pic.


And here is the pic of my unraveling thread. Good thing it is pretty


Have a great tatting night,

You can find the pattern for day one on Sherry’s blog (this is where she will be posting all pattern bits so that they do not get lost in the community blog): http://ladyshuttlemaker.blogspot.com/2013/09/tias-day-one.html

You can see the tatting progress of several participants (70+ have signed up to post) here: http://tiaspence.blogspot.com/

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