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Weekly Challenge #25 Cross-Over Snowflake

Welcome back to the Wednesday Weekly Challenge.

This week’s pattern is from Jane Eborall. We have featured her before. She has amazing free patterns all over her site. This pattern requires a center ring. I used a plastic ring I got this year from workshop. It was a little small, so my snowflake only has 8 points instead of 10. I used white thread and 2 different colors of filament to get the sparkle.

You can find the pattern for this snowflake on Jane’s site, <a Snowflake I am going to try another snowflake tomorrow on a larger ring and will update when I get the size right. I am going to forgo the filament because it is very hard to retro tat.

I used a size 14 hook to put the beads on the picots, I included a picture for reference.
I hope you enjoy this snowflake. With the holidays coming, I see many snowflakes in our future.

If you have a free pattern you would like to see featured as part of the Weekly Challenge – let us know by leaving a comment or by sending an email to sbspokane@yahoo.com

Challenge Issued: Follow the linked pattern in any color combinations and thread sizes you choose. [Variations of the pattern are welcome and encouraged.] Then snap a picture and send it to sbspokane@yahoo.com with the subject line “Weekly Challenge” to see your completed work featured as part of next week’s challenge post. Be sure to include the name you wish us to list with your photo – we want to give you credit! [There is no time limit on sending in your picture – feel free to send in any weekly challenge pictures (from last week or weeks/months ago) and we will feature them as part of the next Wednesday’s post.]

Take a look at all previous challenges and reader submissions here: https://sbspokane.wordpress.com/wednesdays-weekly-challenges/

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