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Found an old container in the bottom of my project drawer from last Christmas. I vaguely remember thinking of giving a bunch of people earring pair and working on the chocker for the kiddo but no idea what the patterns were.
What do you have stashed away unfinished? I know I can’t be the only one who does this.
Time to fess up!

Anyone who comes clean between now and November 1 will be entered in a drawing for one of these earring pairs. You get a reason to post and I get a reason to finish them up. You’ll be doing me a favor really LOL


Comments on: "What Were You Working on Last Year?" (2)

  1. Please exclude me from the drawing (co-blogger shouldn’t win blog giveaways), but you’ll have to suffer my comment anyway.

    My snowflakes and fantasy flowers from the workshop are not completed yet. I’m determined to get the snowflakes onto my Christmas tree this year and the flowers done before next workshop. None of those have been sitting for a year, but they have been sitting for longer than I like. I have a doily I need to finish and baby booties (they take longer than I think they do). I also have some lace trim for a costume I need to complete. So I definitely have a few projects in various states of completion… and that doesn’t count my pile of “Please tuck my tail” projects.

  2. thx for sharing. My little stash of mistakes and unfinished tatting usually gets fused to something. Always a treat to open the ‘boo boo’ tin and repurpose! Examples link below:


    When holiday events roll around, I think we are out-and-about more frequently & not much free time available for tatting [or other quiet things like reading]. Very kind of you to tat earrings for blog readers.

    Thx for the blog posts, I enjoy reading them, one day I might even get around to tatting a challenge piece!!!

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