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Stopped by Knit-n-Crochet today (http://www.knit-n-crochet.com/) to pick up a replacement ball of Lizbeth Christmas Green, 638 and just could not stop myself from picking up a couple other things while I was there. Spice Cake, 182, seemed to be just a perfect match to this chilly autumn day. Christmas Delight, 116, will make some great Christmas wreaths for family and friends. Rainbow Splash, 184, just kinda jumped into my hands and wouldn’t let go.
However, the new clear bobbins for my Aerlit shuttles and a sickness I am trying to break but I know I will go to my grave trying to get more, more more. If I could, I would have purchased them in all colors because, well, hmmmm, lets just say I have issues.
Any ideas for a neat Thanksgiving piece for the Spice Cake?

Comments on: "New Thread for Mama!" (2)

  1. Skunklady said:

    mmmm, they are lovely. I picked up some spice cake at Tat Days and plan to make some leaves of various shapes. enjoy your finds.

  2. […] link. I found this pattern while looking for something to make with my new threads I got last month (New Threads for Mama) and the Lizbeth Spice Cake is still on the list but the ones I am making now are for the helpful […]

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