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I greatly enjoy the Christmas season – from dancing around my house to Christmas carols to cherished time spent with family and friends. I do hope you are enjoying the season and looking forward to the new year.

I’m taking the time to get a few things marked off my ever growing to do list.

Shuttlebirds Blog Workshop Scholarship Fund Christmas Contest Bonanza

(Try saying that ten times fast…)

The first thing I wanted to do was remind everyone of the first annual (hopefully) Shuttlebirds Blog Workshop Scholarship Fund Christmas Contest Bonanza! All details are laid out here by Davina, but here is a quick recap.


How to enter: Send in a tatted item (holiday card decorated with tatting, tatted ornament, or any tatted art). One entry will be given for each tatted item received on or before January 2, 2014. One lucky winner will be chosen to receive a prize basket on January 4, 2014 at the Shuttlebirds Guild Meeting and the winner’s name will be posted no later than the 5th.

Each item received will be photographed and displayed on the Shuttlebirds blog as it is received.  All items received become the sole property of the Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild and will be used as a fundraiser at their annual workshop with all proceeds to be put into the Workshop Scholarship fund.

All entries should be sent to:
C/O Davina Achen
23126 E Wellesley
Otis Orchards WA

I look forward to seeing your tatting.


I had the joy of participating in Wicked Nothings’ Secret Shuttle Exchange and Secret Santa Exchange. I received wonderful gifts from two awesome gals.

For the Secret Shuttle Exchange, I had the honor of receiving a package from Sook Yi in Malaysia.

The wonderful things Sook Yi sent me!

The wonderful things Sook Yi sent me!

The shuttle is gorgeous and the first shuttle Sook Yi has decorated. She also found out that I enjoy costuming and sent me some ribbon and lace that I can use in my projects. She tatted a wonderful dimple angel designed by Lenore English. The thread is Olympus #40 and is wound on a very pretty thread winder.

I received my Secret Santa Exchange from Lottie in Florida.

The fantastic things Lotti sent me.

The fantastic things Lottie sent me.

She sent me an amazing tatted ornament of her own design, some adorable button motifs, a cute snowman spoon, pretty thread, scissors, my first metal shuttle, beads, and key rings. Plus, she had the brilliant idea to share some of her tatting inspiration and patterns on a thumb drive.

I love participating in exchanges. It is always so nice to get a small glimpse into other tatter’s lives.

Thank you both for your wonderful gifts!

– Natalie

Comments on: "Giving & Receiving – Enter to Win" (4)

  1. What a lovely gifts!!
    who can i ask about the swap? i have not received mine yet. 😦

  2. Lottie Essig said:

    I’m very glad you enjoyed your package! I have enjoyed the swaps very much. I am still waiting to receive mine… figured I’d give it a few more days before I contacted Aileen…

  3. Lottie Essig said:

    CORRECTION ON MY PREVIOUS COMMENT! My Secret Santa Exchange package arrived yesterday — from Kristen Fink in Russia! See my post here — http://lottiedahphotography.blogspot.com/2013/12/secret-santa-tatting-exchange-package.html

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