Words from the Knot House

Wednesday Highlight

Since my mind is still completely on another tatting project, instead of a Wednesday challenge, I am going to highlight another tatting site. Georgia Seitz has an amazing tatting site with an amazing amount of how-to, patterns, and challenging ideas. While taking a break today, I made the Cluny Loom for leaves found here. Luckily, I had the plastic canvas star already* so it was easy peasy. I found it difficult to work with my Aerlit shuttle but when I switched it out for my neutered version, this started going faster and easier. Now I am going to try and make the passes in varying widths so it actually looks like leaves.in the picture below you can see my leaf in progress (and tongue depresses, my shuttle case, stylus,and the kiddos mind craft sticker)
Once you have explored Georgia’s site, you are going to want to meet her in person, and you can. Georgia is one of the many talented teachers at this years Shuttlebird’s Workshop. All the information can be found on out website.

Happy Tatting

*No statements made are to be used to defend my husbands position that I have turned this house into a hoarders version of Joann Micheal’s Hobby Lobby.


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