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Wednesday Challenge

Did you now that April 1, 2014 is international Tatting Day? While my kiddos will be celebrating one of their favorite days (April Fools) I am going to celebrate Tatting day by handing out little tatting treats to people I meet that day. Everytime I run low on bobbins, I pull out the paper clips and make little bookmarks. I have handed them out to people I know but my favorite things is to just use them to clip together paperwork I turn in, camp forms, field trip requests, etc, knowing that someone processing a huge stack of mundane paperwork is going to find a little treat along the way.
There are hundreds if patterns out there, just do a search on tatted paperclips or any small motif will do.
I use the large plastic coated paperclips from the Dollar store.
The same designs can be made as cell charms using leashes.
So this is the challenge: Make and give away 10 small tatted items on April 1. If you send in a picture of your 10 items and your address, we will send you 10 yards of the new Lizbeth Twirlz. (Will ship out AFTER workshop)
I look forward to your giveaway stories.


Comments on: "Wednesday Challenge" (10)

  1. 1.04 – is going on my calendar to make sure I manage to tat something special! Thank you for this fantastic tip! not sure if I can do 10 different things to give away … but will see if I can spread the contagious effects of tatting craft somehow … 🙂 x

    • They are so fast to make you are going to be amazed. I purposely didn’t add links to patterns because I want to see what people come up with but there is a birdie on Georgia’s site that is just 2 rings, less than 40 do in total.

  2. Sounds like an excellent challenge.

  3. I hadn’t thought of that! I still have some time to decorate a few of those before Tuesday. I’m not sure what I’m doing for the day but I do plan to be out in public for a little while at least.

  4. What a great idea! I will do my best to get ten things tatted before Tuesday. Tatting onto a paperclip is a good idea. 🙂

    • Great. I will take a pic of mine I have ready tomorrow. They are in the trench of the car and it is raining. Don’t want them to get wet (really I don’t want to get wet but we can pretend it is the tastings fault can’t we?)

  5. I have mine ready. Where do I send photo?

  6. oh – just found the email address. sorry!!!

  7. Emma J. McConnell said:

    You all sound like a wonderful bunch of tatters, ( you know what the dictionary says it is) the are of doing nothing. lol But when I am sitting there tatting I am doing something an It is a pretty something. Oh my hubby just like to give me a bad time. I quit tatting for about 5 yrs an have been given a kick start by a friend wanting to use some in a book. But that is down the road. I live in Oklahoma an there isn’t very many tatters in this part of the area. I have taught some an lost contact with them over the years so I never knew if they finish going on to do tatting. Happy tatting.

    • Happy Tatting to you as well Emma! I will continue to enjoy the art of “doing nothing” (that dictionary really needs updated!) You may not have tatters in your area, but you are now connected with us – so you have fellow tatters to tat with now (if only virtually)! I greatly enjoy teaching others how to tat too! ~Natalie

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