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Workshop Recovery Day 1


Another Shuttlebird’s Annual Workshop has passed and now the recover can begin. It is amazing how much fun, tatting, eating and shopping can be squeezed into 48 hours. You alway leave with more than you bought, even if it is just in table favors and door prizes. I got a book on 3-D tatting I can’t wait to explore.
I took a design class from Georgia Seitz that taught me a lot and I got to teach something new to Dale Pomeroy! Nice guy and I am not just saying that because he seems to share my obsession with Aerlits Shuttles and Bobbins.
The picture I added is two of my favorite things from the weekend. The tatted piece was a gift from one of my students and is destined to become a stitch marker. The tiny shuttle is a participation prize for the Retro-Tat contest. It is just over 11/2 inches long and is going to look great in my collection.
If you have never been to our workshop, start saving now. The next one is just 12 months away.

Happy Birthday Sue!


Happy Birthday Sue!

May you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy a year of tatting fun and adventure!

Happy Birthday Donna!


Happy Birthday Donna!

We hope you have a wonderful day and enjoy a marvelous year of tatting fun and adventure!

What Size Crochet Hook Do You Prefer?

I am working on some glass handled hooks for the Workshop Scholorship Fund and want to know what size hooks people prefer. Please vote only once and add any other information you wish to share with in the comments.
Thank you

Wednesday’s Challenge #40: Patti’s Lanyard and More

Lanyard by Davina-Marie

We are in the home stretch for Workshop prep so this Challenge has a working kind of theme, this week, we are working on a name tag lanyard. This pattern is special to me cause it is the first thing I ever shuttle tatted. It was my first Guild meeting and Lois showed me how to do the elusive “flip” maneuver and sent me on my way. it is a perfect purse project because all the thread and beads are on the shuttle and if your shuttle has a hook, it is an all in one piece. You will need a large shuttle to hold all the beads and thread, I prefer the Tatsy. I have modified mine to include a hook before I decorated it. As it gets longer, I use a diaper pin to keep the length under control.

Each Lanyard takes about 300 size 6 beads and 25-30 yards of size 20 tatting cotton. I made mine with a mixture of pink beads and Lizbeth 20, 621 Dusty Rose.

This pattern is written by ShuttleBirds’ President, Patti Duff. She doesn’t have a web site but you can reach her thru the Shuttlebird Tatting Guild. We thank her for letting us use her pattern here. You can download the PDF file   Beaded Lanyard.

Lariat1 Lariat2

The two chatelaines to the left are variations of this pattern and are part of the scholarship raffle at workshop. They are made from Lizbeth 20; 139, Fruit Fizz and 184, Rainbow Splash.

You can be part of our raffle by contacting Natalie or myself for ticket information.

We hope you enjoy making yourself a lanyard  and for all of you guild members who made theirs last year, send in a picture so we can add you to the gallery.

May your shuttles be filed and your knots be merry,



Extra Bonus: English Lesson


[shat-l-eyn; French shahtuhlen]

noun, plural chat·e·laines [shat-l-eynz; French shahtuhlen]

1. the mistress of a castle.
2. the mistress of an elegant or fashionable household.
3. a hooklike clasp or a chain for suspending keys, trinkets, scissors, a watch, etc., worn at the waist by women.
4. a woman’s lapel ornament resembling this.

Workshop Demos


Working up some samples for my Button class at the Shuttlebirds workshop in a few weeks.
Who knew shirt buttons could be so much fun.

Happy Belated Birthday to Charlotte, Tami, Jennifer, Claire, and Jan!


Happy Birthday Charlotte!

Happy Birthday Tami!

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Happy Birthday Claire!

Happy Birthday Jan!

We hope you had a fantastic day and enjoy a marvelous year of tatting fun and adventure!

My apologies for missing the March birthdays and the first two birthdays in April! I hope you all had wonderful birthdays!

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