Words from the Knot House

I am working on some glass handled hooks for the Workshop Scholorship Fund and want to know what size hooks people prefer. Please vote only once and add any other information you wish to share with in the comments.
Thank you

Comments on: "What Size Crochet Hook Do You Prefer?" (7)

  1. Patty Markley said:

    Glass handled crochet hooks! Ohhh I want one! I love unique crochet hooks

  2. Patti Duff said:

    Size 14, preferably the Clover 14 so it fits through my beads. It’s the only size I use.

  3. I use a 0.4 mm & 0.6mm hooks
    Sue Hanson
    SE London, England

  4. Of course, it depends on the thread size and if I’m using beads. If using beads I almost always use size 14, but as I don’t really use beads that often I voted size 12.

  5. I use 14 because it fits through the beads I use.

  6. size 14 with beads. or, size 12.

  7. Size 10 works for me when using thread size 20 or 40. I have a 0.5 mm hook for small threads, size 80 and 100.

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