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Another Shuttlebird’s Annual Workshop has passed and now the recover can begin. It is amazing how much fun, tatting, eating and shopping can be squeezed into 48 hours. You alway leave with more than you bought, even if it is just in table favors and door prizes. I got a book on 3-D tatting I can’t wait to explore.
I took a design class from Georgia Seitz that taught me a lot and I got to teach something new to Dale Pomeroy! Nice guy and I am not just saying that because he seems to share my obsession with Aerlits Shuttles and Bobbins.
The picture I added is two of my favorite things from the weekend. The tatted piece was a gift from one of my students and is destined to become a stitch marker. The tiny shuttle is a participation prize for the Retro-Tat contest. It is just over 11/2 inches long and is going to look great in my collection.
If you have never been to our workshop, start saving now. The next one is just 12 months away.

Comments on: "Workshop Recovery Day 1" (2)

  1. Thank you for sharing. Those of us who did not get to attend this year want to hear all about it. What in the world did Dale Pomeroy not know! I’m looking forward to many more posts telling us about the Workshop. Karen in OR

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