Words from the Knot House

I greatly enjoyed my time demonstrating at the Heritage Show today and look forward to spending some more time out there tomorrow. We were able to meet a lot of great people. There were several who tried tatting for the first time today and others who refreshed old skills or received clarity that they could not get from a book. My advice to all of them is keep on tatting – it takes practice and the guild is here to help!

I had the delightful opportunity to teach T. She is a sweet little girl with lots of patience. She stopped by, admiring the tatted bracelets, and wanted to get one. I told her that we could teach her how to make one. Her eyes lit up and we set about the process. Her hands were too little to hold the thread on her left hand – so I held onto the end while she worked. She quickly got the hang of the flip and even learned the process of undoing a knot when it didn’t flip. She patiently sat and made knot after knot until she had a chain long enough to go around her wrist as a bracelet.

T and the bracelet she tatted.

T and the bracelet she tatted.

A close up of her bracelet.

A close up of her bracelet.

T showing off her bracelet.

T showing off her bracelet.

T made great progress for her first day tatting! She and her aunt went home with a shuttle. I hope she continues. Patty also made her a butterfly and flower while T worked diligently on her bracelet.

At one point in the afternoon I got to try spinning. My love of spinning wheels just went up another notch… I have a feeling that hobby might be in my distant future. The gal that let me spin thinks she might eventually try tatting, but that she better master the looms she has first. She had a very pretty spinning wheel. I wish I had gotten a picture.

Towards the end of the day I got to talk with this lovely lady.


Her name currently escapes me, but she was wearing tatted owl earrings that her granddaughter’s (Leina) friend in Tennessee made.

Owl earrings made by a tatter in Tennessee.

Owl earrings made by a tatter in Tennessee.

We will be demonstrating tomorrow from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm for the last day of the 7th Annual Eastern Washington Heritage Show, 10200 E Sprague Ave, Spokane Valley WA. Look for the tents on the northeast corner of Sprague and Herald. Come join us if you can.

I do hope that the ladies and gentleman who tried their hands at tatting today continue! I greatly enjoy seeing our tatting community grow!


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