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Interlaced rings

So I had this great idea of learning interlaced rings in order to make a bracelet. Wow, I have a lot to learn, plus I could use a few more fingers, ha, ha. You would never know that this bit of tatting took me an evening and part of the next day! My thanks to Muskaan’s T*I*P*S at  http://www.tipsaroundthehome.blogspot.in/2014/11/how-to-start-interlaced-rings.html for her great tutorial or I would have never gotten the hang of it! I will put this in my toolbox of ideas and get back to the bracelet later as I want to work on hearts for our Shuttlebirds Tatting Workshop which is in April.

IMG_4046 (2)

Another version of interlaced rings is from Frivolite. I think I actually like this one a bit better as I did not need quite so many fingers. Actually, it was pretty easy to do with the help of the YouTube video located at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ESsbFva82Q.

Happy tatting 🙂  Michele



Comments on: "The Trials and Tribulations of Interlaced Rings" (4)

  1. Margaret anderson said:

    I amtatting from the 12 fairy tales by linga Madsen. The designs are based on Hans Andersen fairy tales.it is challenging even for an expert tatter

    • knottingforfun said:

      I am not familiar with Linga Madsen. Do you have a link I could utilize to see them? Michele

      • Margaret Anderson said:

        Inga Madsen has a Facebook account and her books can be bought through Amazon . there is a small book of tatted animals that was really good and which I used for a baby quilt.

  2. knottingforfun said:

    I will have to check that out Margaret–thanks!

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