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Hi All,

Its me again! I wish I had more time to tat! I see people in the group Just-Tatting on Facebook posting multiple times daily. How do they find the time? I had planned on tatting all day today and starting another heart for the “Tatting From the Heart Contest” at our upcoming tatting workshop but chose to cook and bake instead to make my husband happy. Mistake, I should have tatted instead, would have been more satisfying, ha, ha. How often do you get a chance to tat? Daily? Every few days? Constantly? Back to the hearts, I have gotten a few done. My first time tatting with buttons which is a nice look. I also have a metal filigree I want to tat onto. So many possibilities! Have you been tatting hearts for the tatting contest at our workshop?










Comments on: "Hearts, Hearts and More Hearts" (5)

  1. Laura Ast said:

    Your hearts look really nice. I can’t find time to tat either.

    • knottingforfun said:

      Thank you!! By the time I wound my shuttles tonight, I was involved in a movie and didn’t want to try a new pattern for a heart. I did tat though on my doily: Rendulek’s Spring Napkin (doily) 2015. Humm, was hoping to tat all day though. Next day off maybe 🙂

  2. I agree I wish I could tat, sew or knit all day. But I end-up feeling guilty and hardly get anything done. Or I just get so frustrated I stop.

  3. knottingforfun said:

    I think we should just craft all day…the housework can wait LOL.

  4. Lauren Snyder said:

    Have you heard that Gary and Randy Houtz are coming to the Seattle area to teach in June 2016? they can take 30 students and the class is only half full so far! Lacemakers.org for more info!

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