Words from the Knot House

Wow, the 20th Anniversary of the Shuttlebirds Annual Tatting Workshop was a blast! It was so fun to see tatters from around the country including Canada, Texas, Utah, Georgia, Oregon, Idaho, Colorado, and even Illinois. Okay, back to amulets: Mimi Dillman taught two classes on Beanile Lace–earrings and a special amulet pouch that Nina Libin designed for our 20th anniversary. Here are three pouches that Shuttlebird members shared with me at our last guild meeting:

Made by Sherry  Burgess:

Sherry amulet

Made by Kathleen Minniti:


Made by Michele Merrill:


Great class and great instructor–Thank you Mimi Dillman!!!!!!





Comments on: "Amulet, Amulet, where is my Amulet?" (1)

  1. Judy Ullmann said:

    They are beautiful! I will have to try it. I have beaded amulet bags, knitted amulet bags, but never thought to tatt an amulet bag! Brilliant! Thanks for inspiration!

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