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As promised, Shuttlebirds will introduce you to the teachers for our “A Flurry of Flakes” workshop May 4-7, 2017. We will begin with Debbie Arnold, owner of http://www.DS9Designs.com.   debbie-arnold

Debbie describes herself as: “I have been playing with thread and yarn since I was about 9, but only learned to tat in 1995. I didn’t like tatting very much due to hiding those darned ends until Randy and Gary Houtz showed me how to tat over tails and how to do the magic thread trick. After that, I tatted frequently and thoroughly enjoyed the technique. I have been designing patterns since 1999 and enjoy teaching intermediate and advanced techniques. I have taught at Shuttlebirds Tatting Workshop, Palmettos Tat Days, Camp Wanna Tat, Finger Lakes Tatting Conference and Sunflower Lacers. My online business is http://www.DS9Designs.com.”

Debbie will be teaching multiple classes on snowflakes:

Onion Ring Snowflake Onion Ring Snowflake.  Teacher:  Debbie Arnold

Beaded Snowflake Beaded Snowflake.  Teacher: Debbie Arnold

Celtic Style Snowflake Celtic Style Snowflake.  Teacher:  Debbie Arnold

Back & Forth Snowflake


For class descriptions and times, please click here: http://www.shuttlebirds.com/2017workshop/Class-Descriptions1.pdf

***Of special note is that Debbie will be a vendor at our workshop so come learn a new design or technique and shop!!***

I have been busy tatting tiny snowflakes for nametags for our workshop, which incidentally make great earrings 🙂 Happy Tatting!!!


(Pattern is from “Tatted Snowflakes” by Vida Sunderman, entitled Sparkling Snowflake).



Comments on: "“A Flurry of Flakes,” introducing teacher Debbie Arnold." (3)

  1. Beautiful snowflakes and interesting range of techniques

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