Words from the Knot House

“A Flurry of Flakes” workshop teacher introductions continue with Karen Bovard Sayre. Karen will be teaching:

Snowflake in Split Rings

Snowflake in split rings.jpg

Vandyke Edging in Padded Split Rings


Karen’s Keltic


3 Color Variation of Pearl Tatting Technique


Karen is from Nebraska and is described as: “Karen has been dubbed the Split Ring Tatting Queen due to her obsession with authoring and publishing 7 books on the technique. Her first book in the series is considered the definitive introductory book on the subject and all subsequent books have given tatters very unique and modern patterns, designs and ideas on how to use this very versatile technique. Beyond SRT, Karen is also a self-professed “Tatting Technique Junkie”! She has also done a lot of innovative development work on Pearl Tatting Technique. Karen has taught extensively at several IOLI conferences, local and regional EGA workshops, and several years on national needlework show circuits where she focused on both advancing tatting technique and introducing and (hopefully) converting needleworkers to the wonderful world of tatting.”

More teacher descriptions to follow but sleep is calling me now…Happy Tatting!

For class descriptions and times, please see http://www.shuttlebirds.com/2017workshop/Class-Descriptions1.pdf



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