Words from the Knot House


judy  Next on our list of instructors for the Shuttlebirds Annual Workshop on May 4-7, 2017, is Judy Hendriksen. Judy will soon be publishing her patterns on Etsy under the pattern name Tatting Points.

She describes her tatting experience as: “About 25 years ago I watched my boss tatting lace for the porcelain dolls she made. I had never seen anything so charming, and was immediately smitten. She showed me the basics, gave me a booklet of instructions, and sent me home. I happened to pick up a ball of variegated thread (which is the perfect thing to learn with) and taught myself to tat. Six years ago when my husband and I owned a charming bakery-cafe in Salt Lake’s historic Gardner Village, I needed winter decorations to hang in my lace-valanced windows. So I decided to design and tat 3 beaded snowflakes for each of the 22 window panes before the next Christmas season. I came up short of the mark, but ended up designing 54 snowflakes (some more successful than others). In the process, I devised ways to make “points” on the chains using Mini-Rings and Core Thread “Picots”. I also accidentally figured out a way to do front side tatting without thinking about it. In early 2016 I came out of my closet and joined Bonneville Tatters where I continue to learn new techniques monthly. It’s been great to join with other tatters who speak the same language.”

For more information regarding this workshop, please see http://www.shuttlebirds.com/workshop2017.shtml

Also, please note scholarships are available to help make the dream of attending this workshop come true!

Get the Point.  Teacher:  Judy HendriksenSnowballs.  Teacher:  Judy HendriksenIce Castle.  Teacher:  Judy Hendriksen





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