Words from the Knot House

Trellis Vine Pendant.  Teacher:  Karen Miner

Karen Miner is the next teacher Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild would like to introduce. When asked to describe herself, she states, “The best biography of myself is that I am a person who loves to be creative. It is in the creative process that I feel whole, balanced and grounded to the earth. I get my inspirations from everything around me. It can be as simple as seeing a bead, piece of fabric or trim. But a walk in the park, forest or beach can launch a creative idea. Then the process of drawing the design, auditioning the threads, beads, and other treasures is the best feeling. A spark ignites letting me know that the design is right and the making process begins. I have taught at several places including Camp Wanna Tat, Shuttlebirds, NW Lace Conference, Palmettos Tatters and at Jessica Spaulding’s Tatting Summit. Also, I have taught many individuals the art of tatting. I was a Superintendent at the Evergreen State Fair for 5 years overseeing the Crochet – Knit and Lace Department. I demonstrate at many events to encourage the continuation of the Lace Arts. My awards are many from Grand Champion, Reserve Grand Champion, Best of Show, Creative, Outstanding Exhibitor, and First Place Awards. I find it rewarding to learn from competition and judging critiques that provide helpful hints to better my execution of lace making. Currently I do not have a website or blog. I do however log all my work and keep records of my designs. My desire is to start a blog so that if people are interested in my work they can follow me. It is on my bucket list to start a blog.”

Royal Willows Pendant.  Teacher:  Karen Minerkaren


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