Words from the Knot House

natalie Natalie is Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild past president and will be teaching Turkish Tatting at our workshop May 4-7, 2017. Hurry and sign up for classes as they are filling up fast.

Natalie descries herself as “I was introduced to tatting in August 2012 by Donna Barnes. I have enjoyed crafts my whole life and was quick to pick up on the basics of tatting. I started teaching friends and family how to tat within a few months of picking up my first shuttle, because the easiest way for me to know I’ve learned a new skill is to teach it. When I first started, I kept pace at around one new motif a week. My pace has slowed down, but I still love the challenge of learning a new technique. My first designs happened by accident as variations on patterns I was completing. Since those first few happy accidents, I have enjoyed purposefully designing many tatted pieces. I actively participate in Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild demonstrations. It is a delight introducing others to the art of tatting. I have had the honor of teaching at the 2014, 2015, and 2016 workshops.  When I’m not tatting, I teach at Bryant (Adv. Web Design, Computer Apps and Coding, Math 8, Geometry, Math Lab, FLL STEM Robotics 101, Invent Washington, and Advisory), play my guitar and sing in a geeky band called InFILKtion, make costumes, crochet, and enjoy a weekly gaming group. I have an amazing husband, Bevan, who supports my career and hobbies, and two adorable cats, Klaus and Kunoichi. I look forward to sharing my new patterns with you and hope to see you in one of my classes! Happy tatting!

Natalie will be teaching Guardian Angel

Guardian Angel.  Teacher:  Natalie Rogers

and Turkish Flower

Turkish Flower.  Teacher:  Natalie Rogers

For more information: http://www.shuttlebirds.com/workshop2017.shtml


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