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mary-annaAll I can say is “WOW” when I read of Mary Anna’s tatting experience. She describes herself as “A resident of Springfield, OH, Mary Anna has been tatting since age 19. She completed her Tatting Teacher’s Certification with the Great Lakes Lace Group in Michigan, and is the author of “The Tatting Stones”. She is an active member of three tatting guilds and the International Organization of Lace, Inc. (IOLI). She enjoys learning new techniques and revisiting old ones. Mary Anna has demonstrated her art at The Fair at New Boston, in Springfield, OH, and many other heritage fairs and festivals in her area. She has taught classes and workshops in Montana, Virginia and Ohio and loves to attend tatting conferences whenever she is able. She holds basic shuttle and needle tatting classes regularly, and most recently taught an eleven year old the craft. Mary Anna can be found most Fridays at The Crafter’s Lodge, sitting in a comfortable chair waiting on new students and…tatting.”

Snowflake Gardner Angel.  Teacher:  Mary Anna RobinsonGenesis of a Snow Crystal 2.  Teacher:  Mary Anna RobinsonHarbinger of Snow.  Teacher:  Mary Anna RobinsonHere we have the Snowflake Gardner Angel, Snow Crystal 2, and Harbinger of Snow. (The Snow Crystals seem to be the rage on Facebook these days).


For more information, please see http://www.shuttlebirds.com/workshop2017.shtml

Comments on: "Mary Anna Robinson, author of “The Tatting Stones” will be at “A Flurry of Flakes.”" (1)

  1. Mary Anna Robinson, Please contact AKTATTER@aol.com

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