Words from the Knot House

About the Bloggers

We are members of the Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild in Spokane, WA.

Natalie Rogers: Enthusiastic Tatter since August 2012

Davina Achen: Novice but Fearless

Michele: Enthusiastic Tatter! She tried to teach herself to tat using a book and a DVD, but found the free classes with Shuttlebirds very helpful!

Any guild member may contribute to this blog (talk to Natalie or Davina about getting set up).

Please email us at ShuttlebirdsLibrarian@gmail.com if you have a suggestion or request for content.

Feel free to connect with the Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild on facebook or follow us on Twitter.

Comments on: "About the Bloggers" (3)

  1. knottingforfun said:

    Hi, my name is Michele and I am an enthusiastic tatter also! I tried to teach myself to tat using a book and DVD but found the free classes with Shuttlebirds so very helpful 🙂

  2. Hi, I am 77 and have always wanted to learn to tat, so here I am. Been Googling all day and have downloaded a few beginner tutorials but the tatting is done without the shuttle. Which method would you suggest for a newbie? Thanks in advance. Lucie.

  3. Knottingforfun said:

    Are you asking whether to needle tat or shuttle tat? I personally shuttle tat. I first started with the book “Learn to Tat with interactive DVD” by Janette Baker. Great dvd. Where are you located? Is there a local tatting guild near you?

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