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Technique Tutorial: Split Ring (SR)

The split ring is a wonderful little technique and is used in a variety of patterns. It is most useful for creating one ring directly next to another in a pattern or for stepping up out of a round.  The first pattern I tackled that used split rings was Anne B’s Minor Norwegian Dragon (featured as Weekly Challenge #2). Please let me know in the comments if you have a link to a tutorial for split rings that is not mentioned here or if you have a request for a technique you would like to see featured. Thanks!

This page contains only split ring (SR) tutorials. A tutorial page for Single Shuttle Split Rings (SSSR) is planned in the future.

Links to Video Tutorials for Shuttle Tatters:

Split Ring Tutorial by Linda Davies – This YouTube video features audio instruction for two different hand positioning methods to achieve the split ring. This is the first time I have heard of the “dead spider” method. She explains the process well, but the camera is too far out to see the individual stitches. [Contains background music].

Frivolite-Tatting Lesson 12 – two-shuttle split ring by Karen Cabrera – This YouTube video features text instructions and close up video of the two hand positioning techniques for the split ring. [Video is silent].

Tatting – The Split Ring by 11 Frivole – This YouTube video features text instructions and close up video of the “dead spider” method. [Clock/metronome can be heard the entire video].

Tatting a Split Ring by tatmantats – This YouTube video features audio instructions and close up video of the “dead spider” method.


Links to Video Tutorials for Needle Tatters:

Tatting – Split Rings (SR.) in Needle Tatting by RustiKate – This YouTube video features a needle tatting split ring tutorial. I have never tried needle tatting. She is very good at explaining her steps, but I would prefer she move slower during the actual demonstration of the technique. I would also be worried that I would forget to re-thread the needle. [She tats very quickly].

Picture Tutorials:

How to make a Split Ring by Jon Yusoff – This tutorial blog post features step by step pictures and text directions of the “dead spider” split ring process.



Two-Shuttle Tatting: Split Rings for the Terrified by Williams Daniel – This article shares a bit about the history of the split ring in addition to giving written instructions for the split ring for both needle and shuttle tatters.


Happy tatting!

~ Natalie


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