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Wednesday’s Weekly Challenge #47 – Poppy Ice Drop

Welcome back to the Wednesday Weekly Challenge! Each Wednesday (provided people are commenting/submitting pictures of their challenges and Natalie can fit it into her schedule) we will be posting a tatting related challenge (usually in the form of a free tatting pattern link) and challenging you, the reader, to try it.  When a pattern link is provided, we will also post a picture of how our tatting turned out when we followed the pattern. Following the challenge, we will feature reader completions of past challenges. So submit your completed work whether it be from challenge #1, 29, or the current challenge. All submissions will be posted in the next week’s challenge.

Challenge Issued: Follow the linked pattern in any color combinations and thread sizes you choose.  Then snap a picture and send it to ShuttlebirdsLibrarian@gmail.com with the subject line “Weekly Challenge” (or post it in the comments) to see your completed work featured as part of next week’s challenge post. Be sure to include the name you wish us to list with your photo – we want to give you credit! [There is no time limit on sending in your picture – feel free to send in any weekly challenge pictures (from last week or weeks/months/years ago) and we will feature them as part of the next Wednesday’s post.]

Weekly Challenge #47 – Poppy Ice Drop

This week’s pattern is by the talented Helen Walters. It is an ice drop poppy and her first pattern. It was inspired by the tiny heart poppy pattern by Muskaan.

I love seeing poppy flowers bloom every Spring. They were a surprise across my backyard when we first moved into our house and I look forward to them every year.

As a symbol, the poppy serves as a reminder of those who fought and died in war. This symbolism was inspired be the WWI poem “In Flanders Fields” by Canadian physician Lieutenant-Colonel John McCrae. The poppy is often worn on November 11th [Armistice Day, Remembrance Day, Veterans Day] to commemorate military personnel who have died in war.

Her pattern is shared here with permission:

Pattern Part 1:

poppy ice drop. part 1

Poppy Ice Drop Part 1 by Helen Walters

Pattern Part 2:

poppy ice drop. part 2

Poppy Ice Drop Part 2 by Helen Walters


Poppy Ice Drop tatted by Natalie Rogers. Pattern by Helen Walters.


Helen first shared her poppies in the Ice Drop Addicts Facebook Group. She has created a wreath of ice drop poppies.

You can find Helen Walters at the following location:

Facebook Ice Drop Addicts Group:  Ice Drop Addicts


 Shuttlebirds’ Reader Spotlight: This is where your tatting will be featured each week you contribute.

black spider with beaded legs and red bead interior tatted by Marie McCurry

Challenge Accepted – Reader Submission for Weekly Challenge #46 – Spider with Beaded Legs – Tatted by Marie McCurry

I love seeing what everyone tats! Thanks for submitting!

Reader Submitted Poppies

[your poppy will go here]

Take a look at all previous challenges and reader submissions here: https://sbspokane.wordpress.com/wednesdays-weekly-challenges/

If you have a free pattern you would like to see featured as part of the Weekly Challenge – let us know by leaving a comment or by sending an email to ShuttlebirdsLibrarian@gmail.com

We look forward to seeing your creations!

– Natalie

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