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Natalie’s One Year Tatting Anniversary Post

I’m the type of gal who likes to jump into things feet first and fully immerse myself in a new hobby. So here I am, a year later, looking back at how far my tatting has come. One year ago today, I took up my first shuttle. In fact, it was a year ago today that I learned about tatting. I’m sure some of the lace I have seen over the years used the technique, but I didn’t know what it was and would have, at that point, just assumed it was a form of crochet or knitting.

My tatting in the first few days, August 2012.

I am so happy that I know what tatting is now. I am very grateful to Donna for taking the time to teach me the basics on the first night and then for having the patience to teach me new techniques as the year went on. I love tatting. It has easily become my favorite form of crafting.


I’m very enthusiastic about tatting, as many a person who has asked me what I am doing has found out. I’ve introduced several people to tatting over this past year (thirteen of whom sat with me for a basic lesson or more) and even taught the basics to several. My sister-in-law is my newest student. I taught her the basics during her recent visit and she is already reading patterns and completing motifs.

Bethaney’s first tatting from patterns. She was taught on August 12, 2013.

It is always exciting when the basics just click for a new tatter. I have the utmost adoration for any tatter that sticks with it and I’m proud of those that gave it a try. I have had a blast demonstrating at the Fall Folk Festival (as a newbie) and then at the Historic Skills fair.

Things tatted at the Shuttlebirds Guild Workshop, Guild Meetings, or made for the Theme Contest.

I consider myself very lucky to be a member of the Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild. I’ve been taught several techniques at guild meetings and everyone is so friendly. I also really enjoy seeing all the various projects that other guild members are working on. Between that, InTatters, and Pinterest I have an ample stream of tatting inspiration.

Tatted Gifts and Jewelry.

When I first started tatting – I did all sorts of things to improve my skills. When I thought I had things down well enough, I decided to imitate some brilliant designers and try to tat a few of their designs just by looking at pictures. I also played around with various jewelry designs and had fun making tatted gifts for several family members.

Happy Accidents and Tatting Experiments.

I arrived at an accidental heart pattern from a mistake while trying to follow an antique pattern. I arrived at a snowflake pattern while tatting Gina’s lovely Wedding Garter pattern. I’ve even toyed with combining tatting and hairpin lace (thank you Donna for teaching me that too!) into a bracelet and liked the result.

Tatting challenge pieces.

I have had an amazing time challenging myself with a new free pattern each week and in turn challenging you, our readers. I really love doing the weekly challenge posts (even if over half of them have been tatted the night before in a panic). I am grateful for the wonderful tatting designers who have granted permission to link to their wonderful creations. I am also thankful for the readers who have accepted the challenge and sent in pictures. Your pictures inspire me to keep on tatting and make writing for this blog something I look forward to. Thank you!

Tatting done by Joyce and given to me as part of the tatting exchange! I love it all!

Another tatting highlight for me this year was participating in the “These are a few of my favorite things…” exchange on InTatters. I’ve made a delightful new friend who sent me a bunch of neat stuff including some amazing tatted pieces (pictured above). I will add pictures of what I sent her after she receives it (hopefully by Monday). I’m incredibly fascinated by the tatted doily bowl. She even shared the process for turning a doily into a bowl – I will definitely be trying this in the future.

Support, Encouragement, and Goals.

My drive to learn new skills was initially to achieve the goal of completing Anne B’s dragon pattern. I’m happy to say that I’ve made a few of these guys over the course of the year and will make several more in the years to come. My husband has also been very supportive of my new hobby. He spoiled me on our anniversary with a beautiful wooden shuttle and more thread (pictured above). There is no way I could have enjoyed this hobby and done so much in a year without his love and support. Thank you Bevan!

Meet T.A.S.C., my Tatting And Sewing Clank.

Meet T.A.S.C., my Tatting And Sewing Clank.

I have several goals for year two of my tatting adventure:

  • incorporate tatting into my 2014 SpoCon costume in a big way (I have an idea in my head that I can’t wait to see happen)
  • finish the tatting that I ran out of time to add to this year’s Agatha costume (trim for the skirts, a tatted Trilobite [in-progress], and some other decorative pieces [I only had time to add a little bit of tatting to T.A.S.C. – my Tatting and Sewing Clank – pictured above])
  • make a doily bowl
  • create 52 weekly challenges
  • meet more tatters (in person or online)
  • create several patterns
  • continue to participate in tatting demonstrations
  • finish the projects I started at the 2013 Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild Workshop
  • attend the 2014 Guild Workshop
  • keep on enjoying my tatting hobby

I hope you enjoyed my rambling self-reflection and I’d love to hear what you think about anything I’ve shared in the comments.

Happy Tatting!

~ Natalie

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