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Spokane Interstate Fair

For my family, putting entries in the fair is a tradition that goes way back. I can remember as a child going and seeing my Great Grandma’s entries. Back then, the Arts and Crafts overflowed 2 buildings. Unfortunately, these days, the entries barely fill most of the smaller one. It was the Spokane Interstate Fair that lead me to the Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild last year. Without them, I would never had figured out shuttle tatting (thanks Lois) and been able to complete the piece below.


There she is, that is my baby. Those that follow me on Facebook know that I almost ripped out ever last grey hair on my head finishing her up. She is a modification of a pattern by Leopold Stocker Verlag. Her book is written in german but she has some excellent graphs. If you wish to purchase the book, you need to make sure you purchase the right ISBN. There are 2 versions, one has the peacock, one does not. The proper ISBN number is 978-3-7020-1334-9. If you have any questions, I know Deb at DS9Designs can help make sure you get the right one.


The pattern in the book is worked in a single color of thread, like on the cover. To me, that just didn’t capture the beauty of the male peacocks in all their glory. I started playing with different ways to add color inserts in the tail motifs. I started with building the centers one color at a time but that meant way to many ends to tuck in. I tried straight encapsulation but that left one side of my split rings lumpy and the other smooth. I finally came up with a way to carry threads forward on both sides of the split rings. at times I had 6 separate shuttles hanging from my fingers.


Anyone want to help tuck in some loose ends?

Anyone want to help tuck in some loose ends?

In the ends, I think it was all worth it. She is going to be framed and hung on my wall for a very long time.

Did you have an entry in your local fair? Lets see those pictures!

Elegant Tatting Gems by Jon Yusoff

I love tatted snowflakes. They are usually quick, easy projects with wonderful results. Elegant Tatting Gems by Jon tattedgemsYusoff includes 18 snowflake patterns that only take about 1.5 to 5 hours each, depending on skill level. I was able to complete 13 of the 18 designs before I ran out of my selected thread. I tried to stretch it by adding in some white so if you are planning to do them all make sure you have 2 balls before starting.

Elegant Tatting Gems: A collection of snowflake designs
Jon Yusoff
Published 2011
Final Grade: A-

Price 21.95
Soft Cover
Full Color
ISBN # unavailable

Pattern Presentation: Grade B+
Each snowflake pattern includes a diagram and written instructions and a clear picture of the completed item. Patterns are easy to follow and several have interesting techniques that will challenge most tatters but are presented in such a way that beginners should be able to figure them out.
Patterns requiring more than one shuttle are color coded to help the tatter know which shuttle should be used as the ball thread.
The only problem I had with following the patterns is that the first half of the book is that the pattern and the picture are not visableĀ at the same time when the book is propped open. it can be disconcerting to be working on one diagram and looking at the picture of another snowflake. This is only for the first 9 patterns. The second half of the book the picture and the diagram are together.

Pattern Variety: A-
While some patterns seem to fall together into the same families, in my opinion, each snowflake has its own personality.

Finishing Off: A-
None of the patterns include suggested placement for Magic Threads, tatters familiar with the technique should be able to discern proper placement before they begin. For most patterns, I included one in the first ring and the final chain.
14 of the 18 snowflakes are completed using 2 shuttles wound CTM so once completed, there are only 2 ends to hide. 3 of the remaining patterns require 2 rounds and the last one calls for 3 rounds to complete.

Final Thoughts:
I really enjoyed tatting from this book. I would recommend it to most tatters. I know Jon Yusoff has 2 other books and I look forward to seeing if they are of the same calibre.

Did I get it right? Please let me know your thoughts in the comments below. We would also love to see pictures of any snowflakes you have made from this book.


Below are my snowflakes. They have not been blocked and I am severely lacking when it comes to photography skills. I used lizbeth Blue Ice #163

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