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Shuttlebird Spotlight – Michele


Michele worked on her doily for International Tatting Day.

It is looking great Michele!

Shuttlebirds Spotlight – Tera – Red Doily

Tera has been working on a lovely red doily. Here is the result of her tatting. I really like the motif she used.

Tatted by Tera.

Tatted by Tera.

She told me at one point what the pattern was, but I forgot to write it down. I’ve been informed that the pattern is a motif that is on the cover of Easy Tatting by Rozella Linden.

I am always amazed at the larger tatting projects.  I realize how much time and energy goes into them.  I have yet to venture into making a large piece. I am in awe of the people who have and I hope to one day join them in that accomplishment.

Happy tatting!


Tatter of the Month – May 2013

Patty Markley, Shuttle Tatter, Guild member since 1998 or 1999 and current vice-president.

When did you first learn about tatting?

My Grandmother tatted and made me pillowcases with tatted edgings.

When did you start tatting?


Who taught you to tat?

My Grandmother showed me how when I was about 10, but she lived in Wyoming and we lived in Texas so I never remembered it. In 1997 I met a lady at church and she showed me how again. Her name is Dianne Yorke and she is Patti Duff’s cousin. She introduced me to the Workshop and the Guild.
What tatting skill do you want to learn?

All that I can

What is the largest project that you have tatted?

A 15 inch diameter Ann Orr doily and a tatted collar.

Collar tatted by Patty Markley.

Collar tatted by Patty Markley.

Who is your favorite designer?

Linda Davies and Jan Stawasz
Favorite tatting book?

Tatted Treasures by Jan Stawasz and Mary Konior’s Visual Tatting
Favorite thing to tat?

Hanky edgings
Favorite thread colors?

Subtle variegations and leaf green
Favorite thread brand?

I like the Lizbeth thread
Have you ever made your own pattern?

Yes, a hairpin lace and tatting snowflake and a baby bonnet.
What is your favorite thing you have tatted so far?

The Ann Orr doily

Ann Orr doily tatted by Patty markley

Ann Orr doily tatted by Patty Markley

Do you have any other hobbies?

Yes, I like to sew and piece quilts.
Anything else you would like other tatters to know about you?

I am a member, currently vice president of the Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild and have been a past president. I am married for 39 years and have two grown daughters neither of which want to learn to tat. I taught my Dad to tat and he loved it till he died.


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