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Drive-By Wednesday Challenge #41

This is just a quick challenge, I didn’t want another week to go by without one but since it took me till 15 minutes ago to realize why I couldn’t get my pics transferred I don’t have time for something long.
I started this before workshop, to mark my scissors but it just didn’t get done in time. But from now on, no one will be touching my good scissors, or they lose a finger (Evil Laugh escaping)
The pattern is by Kathy Lowe and includes instructions for 5 & 7 character names. Since Davina is only 6 letters, I added a heart to the end. The beads can be purchased in the kids craft department at just about any store. Make sure you use the smaller beads or they won’t fit.
I used an old cell phone clip that I modified to attach the piece to my scissors. I also edited some of the rings and added a tassel because I love tassels.
The pattern can be found here NamePlate
And as always, we wanna see what you make! Even if it is from one of our first challenges, we want to see it so we can show everyone else.


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