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Spokane Interstate Fair Tatting Entries Open

It is that time of the year, the Spokane Interstate Fair has uploaded the sewing exhibitor guide for the 2013 Fair. You can find the Exhibitors Guide by following the link. Sewing is part of the Sewing Department, J. There are 4 tatting specific lots:
Class 8, Lot 24, Tatted Bookmarks
Class 8, Lot 25, Tatted Doily
Class 8, Lot 26, Tatted Edging
Class 8, Lot 27, Tatted Other, specify
However, tatted items can be entered into any class and lot that does not specify the technique used. If you have any questions, please ask. Many Guild members have experience with the entry forms and process and are willing to help you out.
Shuttlebirds are again awarding one skillful tatter a $50 to DS9Designs for the Best Tatted Article in Class 8.
Entry forms are due August 6th, 8 weeks from today.
Articles are due at the fairgrounds September 3, 12 weeks from today.

It would be great if we could have 100% of the eligible guild members entered. With the open lot, #27, you can enter just about anything, a project from a guild meeting or something you learned from workshop. if it is complete and the threads are all tucked in nicely, it can be entered.
If dropping off or picking up your items are an issue, maybe we can work out some sort of fair tatting carpool.
I tell you from experience, it is always fun to visit the fair and see something you made on display.

REMINDER: Shuttlebirds will be doing a live tatting demo at the Fair again this year. Join us or come out and support us.


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