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Shuttlebirds Fall Lace Day – Pearl Tatting

As Davina said, Saturday was Fall Lace Day for the Shuttlebirds Guild. I was very grateful that I was able to make the second half of the day. I missed Patty’s hairpin lace snowflake, but she saved me a copy of the pattern – so I will be trying my hand at it later this month.

I was able to enjoy the basics of pearl tatting with Jan. I ended up with a bead pattern that I really like. Next time I will just make sure I pre-string some extra beads on my shuttles. Right now it is the perfect length for a necklace for my little sister.


Shuttlebirds First Fall Lace Day

Saturday, was Shuttlebirds first Fall Lace Day. It was a great day of tatting, learning and laughing with friends. In the morning, Patty Marley taught us how to make the tatted and hairpin lace snowflakes. In the picture below, the blue one is how badly my first one came out. The green and red ones I made today .
After lunch (good eats just like at workshop) Jan Barwick taught us the basics of pearl tatting and encapsulation. There was no specific pattern, but rather a few hours of Jan walking around helping us work different configuration. I don’t have anything cool to show you yet but Natalie was working on a pretty beaded bracelet. I am sure she will post pictures too, hint hint hint.
In the picture below, the wrecked item is made from Lizbeth Island Breeze (20)
The green is white (20) and Lizbeth Medium Leaf Green (20) with some pinkish Sulky Holoshimmer #145-6043.
The red is white (80) and Lizbeth Christmas Red with a rainbow Sulky Holoshimmer #145-6045.
Happy Tatting


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