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Need Some Spooky Tatting Inspiration?

Revisit Previous Challenges

Challenge Accepted – Reader Submission for Weekly Challenge #24 – Pumpkin Patch Necklace – Tatted by Natalie Rogers.

Pumpkin Patch Necklace Pattern

Pumpkin Earrings designed by Nicole (a.k.a. Penolopy Bulnick) and tatted by Natalie Rogers. *tail tucking, earring wire, and matching pumpkin to come after my cold goes away and I can focus again.

Pumpkin Patch Earrings Pattern

Pretty Tatted Kitty designed by Nancy Tracy. Tatted by Natalie Rogers. Perle Iris thread size 8 color 5020.

Pretty Tatted Kitty Pattern


Peruse Pinterest

And Email Us Your Spooky Tatted Creations To Share With The World!


Happy Tatting!


Shuttlebird Spotlight – Michele


Michele worked on her doily for International Tatting Day.

It is looking great Michele!

Hop-py Tatting Day!

I hope you had fun tatting today and sharing our wonderful hobby with others.


I had fun with this little rabbit today. The rabbit pattern is by Lisa Trumble. I am thinking my nieces each need a bracelet.

Happy International Tatting Day!

How are you celebrating? I will be tatting during lunch at work and enjoying some chocolate. I’d love to see pictures of what you tat today.

Happy International Tatting Day!

– Natalie

Davina – Kaleidoscope Motif – Mignonette Shuttle Bag – Sparkle Tatting a GoGo – MacGyver Your Tatting Box

Meet Davina!

One of my first ever memories is my grandmother teaching me to crochet a chain so I would leave her alone so she could watch “All My Children” in peace. I also remember her surprise when I had chained thru the whole skein of yarn. In the 40+ years since that day, I have done everything I could to learn more and more.

As I grew up, my grandmothers thought me all the fiber arts, knit, crochet, embroidery and the like. In my rebellious teen years I experimented with clothing design, paper arts and poetry. In adulthood, I discovered the dark allure of power tools. I have spent the past decade mixing and mingling ideas and concepts together to produce the ideas and concepts that magically inhabit my brain until they reach fruition.

Over the years I have taught all ages, from Brownies to Eagle Scouts and beyond. I have published several tutorials on everything from Kumihimo to Lampwork to Resin Jewelry. I have won several awards over the years but the one I am most proud of is winning “Best of Show” in Tatting at the Spokane Interstate Fair this past September.

What She Will Be Teaching At Workshop:

Kaleidoscope Motif


Class Type: Technique         Level: Intermediate

Class Limit: 15         When: Friday, 12:45 p.m. or Saturday, 9:15 a.m.

Class will focus on the techniques needed to make the kaleidoscope motif. Single motifs can be used as earrings while chains of motifs make amazing looking bracelets and necklaces. Also included will be some new, improved techniques for hiding ends and preparing tatted objects for the addition of jewelry fasteners.

Skills Required: Basic tatting skills plus split rings, and the ability to maintain a consistently tight tatted chain and string beads.

Techniques Taught: How to connect the rings so the motif maintains is strength and stability.

Materials: For the bracelet – 2 shuttles wound full CTM with 150 size 11 seed beads threaded into the center. Single colors are best for learning.

Kit: Optional, $3.50. Pre-strung beads in a pattern.

Mignonette Shuttle Bag


Class Type: Technique             Level: Intermediate

Class Limit: 15                           When: Friday, 3:00 p.m.

Tat a cute beaded shuttle bag. Students will learn how to tat a flat base and then how to tat up the sides of the bag using the mignonette stitch. We will also cover how to complete the top of the bag. While you are working, we will discuss different ways mignonette can be used, alternative beading designs and technique and working with larger shuttles.

Skills Required: Ability to use 2 shuttles and the larger Tatsy shuttles, plus split rings.

Techniques Taught: Mignonette stitch and sizing.

Materials: These are thread and bead heavy designs. Registered students will be contacted in early March to discuss how to set up their own kit or for purchasing options.

Kit: Extra kits will be available in the vending area.

  Sparkle Tatting a GoGo


Class Type: Technique           Level: Adv. Begin.

Class Limit: 15                         When: Saturday, 12:45 p.m.

Some designs just scream for a little something extra. In this class you will learn how to wind your shuttles with 1-3 pieces of filament and how to adjust your tension as you work to accommodate the extra threads. We will also cover what to do when things go wrong and how to get back on track. Bring a small motif, or one will be provided, to play with during class.

Skills Required: Basic tatting skills – ring, chain, picot, join.

Techniques Taught: How to set up, tat and finish a motif with an extra filament.

Materials: 1 empty shuttle and size 20 or larger thread.

Kit: Required, $2.00, includes filament and pattern. Extra kits will be available in the vending area.

 MacGyver Your Tatting Box


Class Type: Technique               Level: All

Class Limit: 15                            When: Saturday, 3:15 p.m.

After 2 long days of learning and tatting, let’s take some time to sit together and go through all the fun items in my tatting box. From hackle pliers to rubber tubing, I will share all my hints and tricks. And when I am done, it will be your turn to share your best ideas with the rest of the class. A prize will be awarded for the most unique or surprising idea.

Skills Required: A sense of humor is a must.

Techniques Taught: How to look at just about anything and everything and say “I could use that to tat with, on, for, around, under, over and inside.

Materials: Bring your most unique or surprising idea.

Kit: None


Register for Workshop

19th Annual Tatting Days and Workshop

April 17-18, 2015

Theme: A Touch of Victorian Charm

For registration information click here!

We look forward to seeing you!

Join Us For The Shuttlebirds 19th Annual Tatting Workshop: A Touch of Victorian Charm!

Winning t-shirt design by Lauren Snyder!

Winning design by Lauren Snyder! Unisex sizes Small to XL for $18.00 Unisex sizes 2XL to 5XL for $21.00 Ladies Cut sizes Small to XL for $19.00 Ladies Cut sizes 2XL and 3XL for $22.00

Unisex sizes Small to XL for $18.00
Unisex sizes 2XL to 5XL for $21.00
Ladies Cut sizes Small to XL for $19.00
Ladies Cut sizes 2XL and 3XL for $22.00

2015 T-shirt Back

2015 T-shirt Back

19th Annual Tatting Days and Workshop

April 17-18, 2005

Theme: A Touch of Victorian Charm

Registration is OPEN!


Spokane Valley Nazarene Church

155515 E 20th Ave. (at Sullivan Road)

Spokane Valley, WA

2015 Hotel List * STG Scholarship App – 2015 word (Pdf and docx formats available here. Application deadline: February 15, 2015!) * 2015 Referral Program (How to earn a discount on your registration fee).

Class Descriptions (with Pictures) * Class Schedule * Meet The Teachers

In addition to awesome classes you also have the opportunity to:

Shop at our awesome vendors!

Join the Tat-Off! (Pre-registration is required.)

Join the Retro Tat-Off! (Pre-registration is required.)

Enter the Theme Contest: “A Touch of Victorian Charm”! Anyone can enter!

Bring your tatted treasures to show off in the Display Area!

Win amazing Door Prizes! (Door prize donations are cheerfully accepted.)

Enter the Raffles! Check out the Scholarship Fund Quilt Raffle!

Please join us Friday, April 17th, from 10:30 am – 8:00 pm and

Saturday, April 18th, from 8:00 am – 7:00 pm! We look forward to seeing you!


Postmarked/emailed on or before March 21, 2015:

Two days: $115 for nonmembers, $100 for members. Includes 5 meals and up to 5 classes.

One day: $70 for  nonmembers, $65 for members. Friday includes 2 meals and up to 2 classes. Saturday includes 3 meals and up to 3 classes.

Postmarked/emailed after March 21, 2015:

Two days: $130 for nonmembers and members. Includes 5 meals and up to 5 classes.

One day: $85 for nonmembers and members. Friday includes 2 meals and up to 2 classes. Saturday includes 3 meals and up to 3 classes.

PayPal payments require a 3.5% processing fee and should be sent to: shuttlebirds.workshop@yahoo.com

For online registrations, payment must be received within 48 hours for PayPal or 5 days for US mail. If payment is not received within this time frame, your registration will be processed based on the date payment is received.

Printable Registration Form: Page 1 * Page 2

Click here to register ONLINE! (Online registration will close at 9:00 pm Pacific Time on March 21, 2015.)

We are looking forward to seeing all of our tatting friends again and meeting new ones. Pack your shuttles, threads and tatted treasures to join us for two days of tatting fun!

Interested and want to learn more? Click here.

Over the next few weeks I will be highlighting classes, teachers, and contests. So stay tuned!

Want to teach at the 19th Annual Tatting Days and Workshop (April 17-18, 2015)? Apply now! Deadline is Friday!

Teacher Application Deadline: This Friday, November 7th, 2014!

Time to start/finish up your application! I am looking forward to workshop and will be finishing my own application too!


Have you:


  • Designed a new and/or unique pattern or project?
  • Developed a new technique or updated an old one?
  • Updated an old pattern with modern techniques?
  • Found a pattern or technique that you would like to share?
  • Re-invented the wheel?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, we are interested in hearing from you. We are now accepting applications for teaching at our 2015 workshop, April 18-19.


Click here for our 2015 Call for Teachers document and here for the 2015 TEACHER APPLICATION



The Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild, of Spokane WA, is now accepting teacher applications for our 19th Annual Tatting Days and Workshop. Our theme for 2015 is “A Touch of Victorian Charm”, and the workshop will be held on April 17-18.


General Information:

We are seeking a mix of creative projects and a variety of techniques for all skills levels.

Patterns do not need to relate to our theme.

Original, and/or patterns that are fun, funky, innovative, quirky, or unique are preferred.

Permission to use material copyrighted by others is required.

Patterns, and/or variations thereof, must not have been taught at a previous Shuttlebirds workshop.

A list of some suggested techniques from previous workshop attendees is provided below as a courtesy.



There will be a total of 5 class periods with a maximum of 8 classes per period.

There will be 2 class periods on Friday and 3 on Saturday.

All classes will be 2 hours in length.

Class size will be 12-15 students.

Classes must be designated as either:

project class – the emphasis is on teaching the pattern, not technique(s)

technique class – the emphasis is on teaching the technique(s) used to complete the pattern used

Skill Levels:

  1. Beginner knows the basics – rings, chains, picots, joins and reading patterns.

Intermediate               knows and is comfortable with the above, plus two shuttles, split rings/chains, beads

Advanced                                knows and is comfortable with all of the above and ready for more.

Suggested and/or Requested Techniques:

Roll tatting                 Pearl/Maltese Tatting             Alternate Thread                                Inverted/Dutch tatting

Hyperbolic                              Celtic weaving                                    Interlocking Rings                           Balanced Double Stitch

3-D                                                Cluny                                                              Tatting with wire                                 Tatting with metallic thread


Teacher Requirements:

Teacher must indicate if they wish to teach full time, 5 classes, or part time, 2 or 3 classes.

Full time teachers must submit a minimum of 3 complete class proposals.

Part time teachers must submit a minimum of 2 complete class proposals and agree to teach a minimum of two periods.

Provide clear and close-up photo(s) of tatted piece for each proposed class (jpg files) with plain white or light colored background, and without any props.

Provide a short, current teacher biography and photo.

Be willing to accommodate at least 12 -15 students per class.

Teachers using patterns copyrighted by another tatter must obtain written permission from the designer and provide a copy of same to STG.

Teachers using original patterns agree to provide a copy of their pattern and class handouts to STG for inclusion in their library.

Provide a copy of any homework required to be completed before the class no later than Dec. 31, 2014.

Provide a separate and completed class model for display for the duration of the workshop.

Teacher Compensation:

Full time teachers will be paid $550.00 for 10 hours of teaching.

Part time teachers will be paid $40.00 per teaching hour.

In addition, teachers will be provided:

5 meals during the workshop (2 on Friday, 3 on Saturday).

Up to two vending tables (5.5 ft rnd).

Housing with STG member if requested.

Registration fees will be waived.


Shuttlebirds will provide:

Copies of class handouts, if master is provided by March 20, 2015, as a PDF or Word document, or reimburse for handouts (one per registered student per class plus 1 for STG) with receipt.

Regular updates to teachers, approx. every 2-3 weeks, with student count, and names & emails if requested.

Transportation to/from Spokane airport, if needed.

Transportation between your motel and the workshop, if needed.

All other travel expenses will be the responsibility of the teacher.


Application deadline is Friday, November 7, 2014


Notification of accepted applications will be made on Sunday, December 7, 2014.

The class pictures and teacher names will be posted to our website and Facebook page on December 14, 2014.

Shuttlebirds Tatting Guild reserves the right to cancel the 2015 tatting days and workshop for insufficient classes and/or registrations.

All questions should be directed to shuttlebirds.workshop@yahoo.com.


Previous Classes

Here are pictures from some of last year’s amazing classes!






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